Arabic Calligraphy Reed Pen Qalam Kalam Bamboo-Handam Urdu Fars (HANDAM 1.5-5mm)


Dip pen qalam with left oblique nib for Arabic,Farsi calligraphy Gold plated nib

Arabic Calligraphy Reed Pen Qalam Kalam Bamboo-Handam Urdu Farsi (HANDAM 6-10mm)

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Quality Qalams.

This is Handam Qalam with nip width from 6mm to 10mm.

The number on the Qalam is showing the width of nip in mm.

YOU will get the SET OF 5 Qalams which are in the packet in picture, other pictures are just for show case to show the quality of the qalams.

These Qalams not available anywhere in the UK and no one selling like these because these are imported from Indonesia.

I am selling Bamboo/Jawi/Handom qalams with differnt nip width, please see my other listings.

Return accepted but buyer pays return postage.

I have tried to explain as much as possible but if you got any question please feel free to message me and I'll try to get back to you in 24 hours.


Further price reduced from £21.99 to only £18.99.



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