Arabic Calligraphy Khattat Set Handam,Bamboo,Reed,Jawi,Acrylic Omadhoo Maldives


Arabic Calligraphy Set (Qalam,Ink,Lika,Inkwell,Papers,Practice book) - TUKEY

Arabic Calligraphy Set (Qalam,Ink,Lika,Inkwell,Papers,Practice book) - ISTANBUL

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Set contain following item: 

*Set of three qalams (1 Handam, 1 Jawa, 1 Bamboo). 

*Papers 10 (Cream color). 

*Papers 10 (White color). 

*Glass Inkwell. 

*Irani Ink black 40ml. 


*ARABIC CALLIGRAPHY Book: NASKH SCRIPT FOR BEGINNERS (Some pages got writing in first top line to copy below and some pages only got stripped lines to practice), Please see pictures.

All of the above items directly imported from TURKEY/INDONESIA/INDIA/EGYPT/PAKISTAN. You might find them elsewhere but these are best quality items for beginners to advance Calligraphers. 

Feel free to ask any question if you have any.




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